Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shabbat Shalom Adom families. We hope you had a lovely week enjoying the great indoors, it’s been so chilly out! We won’t let the cold stop us from having a great time! This week we continued to learn and talk about healthy habits!

All week we worked on saying “Good Morning” to our puppet pal Adom and making sure to look at his eye balls while we talk to him! The todds are getting so good and confident at their morning greetings with Adom that more and more of them are greeting people as they walk into school!

Monday we started our morning with some classic jumping frogs. The kiddos try and make the frogs jump into colored cups, they stack the frogs, split them up by color, dump them in and out of cups, whatever feels right in that moment they do. It’s so fun so see them explore in their unique ways! Next we went to art with Miss Beth! Miss Beth read us a story about a panda bear named Chu! The story fit perfectly with our topic for the week:) Chu had a really really big sneeze and it blew down the whole town! We talked about what would have happened if Chu would have covered his sneeze instead! Next we made cute Purim Clowns:) First the toddlers colored what would be the body and face of their little people. Next it was time to decorate, the toddler’s used glue sticks, which they loved, to help glue tissue paper and feathers to their people. Purim is a fun celebration holiday that involves dressing up so our little purim clowns had to dress the part. We finished them off with arms, legs, and a crown!

Tuesday the we started our morning with an exciting birthday celebration for Alex! She turned 2! Her mom, grandma and sister (Maya) came to read us her favorite Winnie the Pooh story and share a special donut as a birthday treat! Happy birthday Al Pal! We hope it was a special day and an even more special year ahead:)

Later in the afternoon we made some healthy trail mix while staying hydrated with some water! The todds got to pick what they poured in the bowl we were mixing their trail mix in. They could pick, craisins, pretzel pieces or whole wheat cheerios! After all of our ingredients were in the bowl everyone had the chance to help stir everything together. After it was ready the whole class was given little baggies to take home. We loved seeing some of the bags come in their lunches for the next day or hearing the excitement about them for the car ride home!

On Wednesday the toddlers came into the classroom to find red tape all over the classroom. They were so excited and just needed to know what it was and what it was for! I walked around and showed them all of my different ideas and then let them explore and find their own fun games with the tape. The different areas included a tape “road” by the cars, a tape box by the babies, lines of tape on the table, and stuffed animals, and three parallel lines on the blue rug. There are a million options for each area and it was fun to see what they all decided to do with them. The table tape was the only one that we waited to explore, once they had the time to figure out the rest of the room they came to the table to see what it was all about. The anticipation was eating away at them. The table tape was for a great fine motor activity of peeling the tape on and off. The tricky part was flattening out the tape back on the table so they could peel it off more than once. Later we went to Music with Cantor Schwartz, since Purim is coming up in about a month we started singing some fun new Purim songs. Later we read our healthy food book and sorted healthy foods that fuel our bodies from unhealthy foods that may not have all the nutrients we need!

On thursday we started the day with some pom pom exploration time which included different trays, tongs, and all different sized pom poms! Later we talked about the importance of exercise. In the big room we did a million different variations of “walking, walking, hop, hop, hop” When we got back to our classroom we read through both Yoga Bug and Yoga Bear. Not all exercise has to be fast past. This was a great time to also practice some deep breathing! During each pose we stopped to take a deep breath, it was lovely!

On Friday we will review the importance of brushing our teeth! Brooklynn will be our Shabbat Helper.

Have a great weekend!


Miss Aly and Miss Maddie