Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

This week we were all about the color BLUE!!! 

On Monday after exploring a table full of blue items, and reading a book about colors, we worked together to create a giant mural all decorated with blue.  As part of it we colored the letters which make up the word B-L-U-E.  The kids recognized E is Edith’s letter!  They are very excited (to a surprising level) about letters right now.  We have been singing everyday about each child’s letter.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have cards with their initials.  I hold one up and ask “Whose letter is A?”  The kids point to Alex and yell out his name.  We then sing, “A is for Alex, A is for Alex, Alex’s name starts with A, A is for Alex” and so on through the names. They are now starting to notice letters in their environment.  

Tuesday we started the day playing with wood train tracks.  We have a Thomas the train book called  Blue Train, Green Train which we read. We built tracks for blue Thomas. Later in the day we practiced walking across a blue pond without getting our feet wet.  We used a balance beam bridge!  For our activity we played in blue water bins.  It was a super wet experience despite the waterproof smocks. They had a full sensory experience. 🙂

Wednesday we focused on our friend Cookie Monster.  I made a wonky looking cookie monster puppet (the kids didn’t seem to notice).  Cookie would only eat blue things.  The kids each had a pile of “cookies” to feed to him.  There were giggles when he didn’t want their red cookies or green cookies! They also decorated their first initial, which will be used on a lift-the-flap photo board which I will have put together for next week. 

On Thursday I brought in the light table and let the kids explore putting different objects on it.  I had a baggie of black orbeez with a few blue ones mixed in.  We put that on the light table (and later taped it to the window) and the kids manipulated the little balls to find the blue ones. We were able to play outside since the weather was finally warm enough.  It was fun to have snow to scoop up and play with. For our activity we read a book about the blue ocean and looked at photos of different ocean animals.  The kids then painted aluminum foil with shades of blue paint.  We will add ocean life stickers to these and hang them outside our classroom. 

Friday we will have Shabbat and for our activity will sort different color toys onto sheets of matching construction paper.  We will likely play with playdough again.  Perhaps we will make latkes with the playdough one more time since they LOVED it so much last week. They also continue to play with the paper menorah they made last week.  It’s been a favorite toy all week. 

Next week we will focus on the color red and things associated with it. Have a great weekend with your cute kids!  We are impressed every day with the growth they are showing in all different areas. 


Teachers, Katie & Eric