Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello happy Adom families! We had a super fun week filled with trains, planes, cars, trucks, boats, you name it. If it was some sort of a vehicle we talked about it. 🙂

All week we sang songs like The Wheels on the Bus, played with train and car puzzles, and read books like Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Trains.

We welcomed a new friend to our Adom family this week! Welcome Cal! Cal is fitting in perfectly to our classroom already! He brings a love for animals, a fun and energetic energy and a loving and caring attitude. We are so excited to continue to get to know our new friend and are so excited to have him.

Monday during activity time we sat down with our vehicle bin and talked about all the different types of vehicles. We have planes, busses, cars, helicopters and trains in our bucket!

While we were still at the table we played a game. I had red, yellow and green circles on popsicle sticks. We talked about when you are driving in a car with your parents and the car stops it’s probably because they saw a red light. We talked about what all the different colors meant and then it was time to put it into action with our toy vehicles. When I held up the green paper they could move their cars, yellow they were supposed to slow down, and red meant stop!

After a few rounds at the table we moved to the blue rug and tried it with our bodies! This was a hard concept to grasp, but we had fun with it. We will keep playing with our traffic lights!

Tuesday was Silly Dress Up Day! We loved seeing everyones mismatched outfits and crazy hair.

For our activity time we did an art project. I taped markers to the back of our toy vehicles and gave the todds coloring sheets with different trains and cars on them. After showing the class that while they drove their car around the table they were simultaneously coloring their coloring sheet, they were so excited! It was a fun and different way to color and we loved it.

After we moved to the floor and utilized the tape on our floor from the week before and made them into roads to drive our cars on!

Wednesday we had music with Cantor Schwartz. He read us the book What a Wonderful World before singing the song! We also sang more Purim songs!

Later we made train tracks around our room and drove our trains all around!

Thursday we went for some trips around our classroom! Looked at our vehicle book and only focused on the page that talks about flying transportation like planes, helicopters, hang gliders, and more! After we chatted about airplanes. We asked who has been on one, where they went, what they did on the airplane, etc. Next it was time for some fun, we set up our chairs on the blue rug like airplane seats. Pilot Aly asked us to buckle our seat belts and flight attendant Maddie came around and took our drink orders. The toddlers totally helped build on this activity. They brought out backpacks for luggage, stuffed animals for carry ons, and brought cups for our inflight service. We went to Mexico and played in a pool and so much more! It was a blast.

Friday Brooklynn with be our Shabbat helper. We will have special person’s Shabbat and enjoy some challah and juice. Later we will play with car puzzles and practice more red light green light!

Have a great weekend, here’s to hoping the snow doesn’t get in the way!


Miss Aly and Miss Maddie