Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

In the Adom room this week it was all about big, gigantic, chomping, stomping, Dinosaurs!!!! All week there was a bucket of dinosaurs to play with and many dinosaur books to look at.

First thing on Monday the dinosaurs had gotten out overnight and were being pretty silly around the classroom! The kids found dinosaurs climbing on the decorations, eating play food, and sneaking around the cubbies!

Later we had art with Miss Beth where the toddlers made ants that were marching into spring (sending positive thoughts to mother nature)! Each todd got to glue arms and legs on their ant and take turns painting the colors of the large background that now hangs in the hallway by room 101!

At circle time we all danced and stomped like dinosaurs and said good morning to dinosaur friends.

Tuesday we sat at the table to read a book together called How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies? We learned that dinosaurs try really hard to not make a big mess, say “please” and “thank you,” and have only one or two cookies and share the rest. After reading about dino cookies, I got out playdough and some tools for the todds to make their own cookies to share with our toy dinosaurs!

Throughout the day most friends were setting up their own imaginary scenarios for the dinosaurs too!

There was a lot of excitement on Wednesday when we got even MORE dinosaurs to play with and books to read. Our good friend Easton loves dinos too and let us borrow some of his favorites. We also got to sing together at music with Rabbi Crimmings! The todds love singing good morning and listening to the guitar.

For our activity earlier, everyone shared hugging the soft dinos at table while I read Dinosaur Stampede and Daring Dinos pop-up book!

Then before lunch there was some time to check out where all the dinosaurs had been hiding- in the sensory table! With sand, small blocks, and the small dinosaur toys, everyone created their own homes and stories for their creatures.

Thursday of course we read more books about dinosaurs! First we read That’s Not My Dinosaur…

Then the todds made their own unique dinos by painting with dot dots! They could decorate what it would look like, where it would live, and gave it a name!

During circle time I turned on a hit song that the toddlers were already familiar with called We are the Dinosaurs. It is a singalong with dance moves made up along the way!

Before lunch we also read How to Bathe Your Little Dinosaur and gave our toy dinosaurs a bath in soapy buckets and dried them off all snuggly with the towels.

On Friday we will see what the silly dinosaurs have gotten up to and play more in the sensory table and maybe do another art project! We will also sing and dance to all the dinosaur tunes we know.

Leora will be our Shabbat helper.

Next week is Purim!! There is a carnival on Sunday at Bet Shalom and a parade for BSY on Thursday! We’ll shake our groggers and wear costumes!

We hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Miss Aly and Miss Maddie