Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

This week was all about Purim! The Jewish holiday that celebrates the saving of the Jewish people from the evil man, Haman!

To start the week on Monday, we sang a Purim song, I’m A Little Grogger, using egg shakers to make noise with it. Throughout the week we tried remembering some of the other Purim songs we had heard from Cantor Schwartz and Rabbi Crimmings. Something magical happened this week and it was warm enough to venture outdoors once again!!! The small group of todds bundled up and braced for cold but were met with sun and lots of puddles during a walk around outside.

After we came back in we read the book One, Two, Three, Purim! It helped everyone get familiar with some of the basics of the traditions we have during this holiday. One of the very important things we needed to prepare for Purim was a grogger! In this case the toddlers made shakers, but they made great noise all the same. For the grogger activity each person got a small paper plate to decorate and then Miss Maddie folded and stapled it so that the todds could then fill the shaker with dried pasta pieces. In no time they were read to shake, shake, shake, and shout “Boo, Haman!”

On Tuesday we had another important craft ahead of us: costumes! To make sure everyone had something to disguise themselves in the parade, we made masquerade masks! Miss Aly and I first traced everyone’s hands on a color paper of their choosing, then they used markers and stickers to complete their colorful decorations! To give some examples of costumes and what Purim looks like for preschoolers, we also read It’s Purim Time!

Luckily on Wednesday we got to have music with Cantor Schwartz so that he could help us remember all of the fun Purim songs to sing! After singing about cookies, it was the toddlers turn to make their own rendition of a hamantaschen! After washing hands and waiting sooo patiently at the table, one at a time the toddlers got a square of sugar cookie dough and a piece of chocolate. The idea was more to have fun and make their own yummy treat than really get a perfect triangle filled cookie. The todds did a great job keeping their spaces clean and not eating anything while putting their cookies together!

Thursday was the exciting day we had been waiting for. Purim was here!! In the morning we donned our funniest and fanciest costumes, got our groggers in hand, and lined up to march with the rest of our school friends in a parade!!! We marched together all around the synagogue and met in the social hall for a special yummy snack of bananas and hamantaschen!

Right after our early snack, there was time to jump into our snowsuits and head outside again! The playground was a little tricky to walk around with the bumpy piles of melting snow, but everyone was just happy to be running around outside.

Friday we will have our shabbat and Alex will be the helper! It will be a nice relaxing day after a fun crazy week and hopefully we will go outside again!

We hope all of our friends have an amazing weekend with fresh spring weather!

-Miss Aly and Miss Maddie