Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy warm weather everyone! We loved getting outside and breathing in the fresh spring air! Speaking of spring, that was our topic this week!

All week we read It’s Spring! The book is so cute. It’s all about different animals letting their animal friends know that it’s spring time! The roosters crow to wake the bears to let them know it’s time for the birds to peep.

This week we officially welcomed Gus into our Adom family! We are so excited to get to see his smiling face everyday. We have watched him grow into this big toddler guy and we can’t wait to continue to watch him learn and grow.

On Monday we had art with Ms. Beth! We read Little Cloud by Eric Carle. After we learned about what happens after it rains-there is a rainbow! Next we made our own rainbows. Ms. Beth gave us pre-cut rainbows and our job was to decorate them however we wanted! After we colored them with crayons we pulled apart cotton balls to make clouds for the bottom of our rainbows. They turned out great and some are hanging above our new spring scene in our classroom.

We also celebrated Leora turning 2! Her mom’s came and read us a book. They even brought a birthday hat to wear! Happy Birthday, Leora!

Tuesday we went outside for a lovely spring walk! We didn’t have to wear snow boots or snow pants, it was great! I asked the todds to tell me everything they saw and smelled and felt once we are outside. We talked about the snow melting because the weather is getting warmer, we saw a little chipmunk run by, the ice on the pond was melting, we felt the crisp and fresh spring air and so much more. We talked about all of the great things that spring brings and are looking forward to what comes next.

Wednesday we started our day with a fine motor activity. A long time ago I found a wire sunflower and have been waiting for the right time to use it. Today was the day-we started decorating it to hang in our classroom! The toddlers were given pipe cleaners and soft foam beads. We made lots and lots of bracelet like decorations and tied them all around the sunflower! The todds loved contributing to our fun new piece of art.

Later we got outside for some much needed running around outside, it felt so good!

Thursday we started our day with another fine motor table activity. Of course we made some more flowers, we used our felt flower petals and pipe cleaners to make flowers and then put our flowers in “pots”.

Happy Birthday to Eliana who turned 2 today! We will celebrate her birthday next week!

We were a little too into our hummus and pretzels we had for snack to get outside, but we made up for it with some fun new hula hoops that Ms. Sarah got for us in the big room.

Later we did something a little different. We colored on coffee filters! I showed the toddlers what we would be doing, after I colored on the coffee filter I sprayed it with water! After the spray bottle to todds were sold, they couldn’t wait to start coloring. Once the filters were dry they became cute butterflies that are now flying in our cool spring scene on our window!

Friday we will celebrate with Jack as our Shabbat helper! We will continue to bring in spring.

Next week we will talk about the color green and continue to talk about spring in hopes that it stays here for good!

Shabbat Shalom and have a great weekend.


Miss Aly and Miss Maddie