Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello everyone! We hope you all made it through this week of true midwestern weather! This week in the Toddler room we learned a little bit about sports and Passover.

On Monday we started with a book called Spot Plays Soccer and talked about the games that the todds like to play. After snack we also were able to head outside to enjoy the warm weather while we had it!

Then we got to do an exciting art project with Miss Beth! There was a giant sheet of paper in a large box, and we chose sparkly paint colors to put in and used golf balls to roll the paint around! Once we all worked together to make a class painting, each toddler got to pick their own colors for their own smaller version of this project. They all turned out sparkly and mesmerizing!

Later in the big room there were some different sports games set up! The todds tried their skills at miniature bowling, basketball, and soccer!

Tuesday we all got to play outside again and thank goodness we did! Everyone really needed the fresh air and to stretch their little legs around the playground.

Today in the big room there were all the sports set up again to choose from, as well as a baseball area! The todds practiced hitting a small plastic ball off of a cone tee with a train track bat. A bit of improvising, but they had fun trying out that hand-eye coordination!

During circle time we said good morning to Adom and read a book called Join in and Play!, so that we could talk about ways to communicate kindly and have fun playing games together! We also did a short yoga practice using the Yoga Bear book.

On Wednesday we started off the morning with free play, reading books, building on the light table, and taking pictures with play cameras. We also had music with Cantor Schwartz in the morning! We sang some of the Passover songs we learned last week and learned more songs for the Tot Seder that will be on Sunday.

After singing our fun Passover songs, we sat together to read some Passover books to learn a little more about the holiday! For our activity we went in the art room for some extra space and decorated fish with crayons, markers, and glitter! They will hang together at the Passover Tot Seder.

There was also a lot of exciting snow-watching today as the snow was falling fast right outside our windows!! The toddlers still love snow and are definitely not sick of it!

Thursday was a snow day! Hopefully everyone stayed safely out of the storm and hadn’t packed up their winter gear just yet!

Friday is sports dress up day! It is also special person Shabbat! We are excited to see everyone’s family and friends at our morning service. Walter will have his first turn as Shabbat helper!

Next week is BSY spring break week and we will be closed except for Monday and Tuesday holiday package days for those who signed up. We will talk a little more about Passover and then let everyone have a wonderful break or holiday for the rest of the week! Reminder when we come back there is no bread or bread products allowed through April 26th.

Thank you and have a happy weekend!

Miss Aly and Miss Maddie