Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Good afternoon to the Adom room! We had a fun week learning about Passover and celebrating Earth Day! We had so much fun enjoying our earth almost all week because we got to play outside almost everyday!

We hope you all had a great Spring Break last week! We hope everyone had a lovely time at their Seders, hunting for Easter eggs, or just enjoying the lovely spring weather we had! We were so excited to have the todds back in the classroom to show them our new set up! We now have the Adom Market and the Adom Garden in our classroom for dramatic play areas! We also shifted some things around and added different toys here and there. So far we are loving the new areas!

All week we enjoyed books about passover like Dayenu! A Favorite Passover Song, Company’s Coming and a few songs and stories from Fun With Jewish Holiday Rhymes! Thank you to the Ruby family for some wonderful passover books!

Our favorite rhyme was “Making Matzah Balls” it goes like this:  

Let’s pour some matzah balls in the pot.
We’ve boiled the water. It is hot.
One matzah ball goes plop.
Two matzah balls go plop, plop.
Three matzah balls go plop,plop, plop.

We always add a few more matzah balls to practice more counting and just love pretending the soup is hot and saying “plop!” Company’s Coming was a all about the passover seder! We learned about all the different items that go on a seder plate, that we read the Haggadah on Passover, and so much more!

All week during circle time we said “Good Morning” to Adom! We sang the ABC’s with egg shakers, we practiced singing super super fast and then really quiet, which is hard because we just want to shake our egg shakers. The todds self control is getting better and better during this song and they are so proud when no one makes any noise! We also read through different Passover rhymes and stories and practiced counting our Matzah balls!

Monday we all started our day by getting acquainted with the new classroom set up. It was so much fun to explore everything. 🙂 Later we read our books about Passover and then moved on to talk about ways that we could help our beautiful earth! We had a nice lesson on recycling! After we had some designated time to play in the garden we talked about being thankful for all of the flowers and fruits and vegetables that come from our earth!

Tuesday we had a super fun presentation of a SET Story by Stages Theatre Company! When we walked into the big room they had a whole underwater themed stage set up! There was music playing of different ocean noises like birds and crashing waves. There were also bins filled with sand and seashells that we got to play in before the show! Next we went on a journey to find the book Pout Pout Fish and the Deep Deep Dark that had fallen deep deep into the ocean. Along the way we met many different sea creatures like an octopus and a sea turtle! We finally found our book in a treasure chest that we were able to use by saying the magic work please! Once we found the book we got to read it and go deep deep into the ocean with the Pout Pout Fish.

After the amazing presentation we got to play in the big room while they cleaned up the set and it was so much fun to watch the whole set go away!

Wednesday we started our day with morning work at the table. Today we made Charoset! We talked about why we eat charoset on Passover, because it reminds us of mortar used to build cites. Each todd who wanted to help make our rendition of Charoset helped chop up an apple. After all the apples were ready we added them to a bowl and also added cinnamon and craisins!

We had to wait to eat it until after music with Cantor Schwartz!

After music we got to have snack and with our snack we tasted our Charoset! It was a hit for sure! Since we were also having matzah for snack we revisited why we eat matzah as well. We talked about Jewish people not having enough time to let their bread rise and only having enough time to make matzah!

We enjoyed the warm weather and then had a fire drill! It was great timing because we had been talking about why it is important to keep your shoes on at school, because you never know when we may need to go outside for a fire drill!

Thursday we started our morning with some morning work at the table. We played with our jumping frogs which was perfect for Passover because frogs were one of the 10 plagues!

After playing outside and running around in the big room we came back into our classroom for story time! We read Passover: The story of Passover from Fun with Jewish Rhymes. This was the perfect story to read for this age kiddos, Passover is a heavy topic and sometimes hard to explain. The story talks about the Jewish journey to being free! We talked about Pharaoh, who we learned from Cantor Schwartz wasn’t very nice. We also talked about Moses and how he was kind and stood up for what he thought was right. Passover is a great time to celebrate everything we had and also a great time to talk about the importance of being kind!

Friday Quinn will be our Shabbat helper! We will go on a hunt for (pretend) matzah around the building!

Next week we have our St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon event! Each day we will talk about bike safety which will come in handy for our trike event next Friday! In class we will also talk about people who help others, like doctors and firefighters! We will also talk about tzedakah and talk about why we have been collecting it!

Please free to bring in bikes/trikes or helmets before our event on next Friday!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Aly and Miss Maddie