Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Good Afternoon toddler families! Even though this weather has been a little gloomy, we haven’t let that get us down!

This week we focused on all the ways we can do good in the world and different people who help others.

All week we started our day with a lesson on tricycle safety, to help prepare ourselves for our St. Jude Trike-A-Thon event on Friday! Each day we got to color a different page of the book. Each page was a different safety tip! For example, Monday we learned about the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bike!

This week we welcomed Edu into our toddler family! Edu is Carles’, from the preschool room, little brother. We have met him at parents night out events and in the hallway at pick up, we are so excited to have this familiar face join our Adom family! Edu is already brightening up the school with his big beautiful eyes and shining smile. 🙂 We can not wait to get to know him even more!

Finley started his transition into the toddler room this week! He is so ready to be a big toddler we can’t wait to officially welcome him next week!

On Monday for activity time we read It’s a Mitzvah, Grover! Grover and his friends come across a trash filled run down playground and decided to help clean it up, re-paint it and make it look brand new. While they are picking up the trash they decide to give it to their friend Moshie who loves trash and lives in a garbage can! We talked through all of the different mitzvahs that Grover and his friends were doing! Next, we talked about tzedakah and about the tzedakah we were collecting this month for St. Jude! We talked about how some kids are sick and need help from doctors at the hospital to make them better and we were helping those doctors help the kids! Next we sang “Money for Tzedakah” and filled our tzedakah jars!

On Tuesday we continued to talk about St. Jude and started to make cards for the kiddos who are there. We talked about how the cards will put a smile on the kiddos faces, sometimes they may not feel so happy because they don’t feel well, we are doing a mitzvah by helping them feel a little better with our nice gesture. We are also practicing our Jewish value for the month bikur choleem (visiting the sick), even though we may not be actually going to visit them at this time we will send them card and talk about why it is important.

Before nap we read an old classic, the fire truck book! We talked about all of the different ways that firefighters help people and animals all day long!

Wednesday was a big day! It was Edu’s first day and Finley’s first day of his transition! We started our day with Cantor Schwartz for a lovely music class. Today’s tricycle lesson was about being careful around driveways! Which was a great piggy back of day two’s lesson on not riding in the street! These tricycle lessons are a great segway into talking about awareness of our surroundings and talking about being careful and safe in general! It has also been helpful when playing in the big room because we have tangible lessons about looking where we are going and driving safely!

Thursday after learning about watching which way we are going when we are riding a bike we spent time building towers reading books and shopping in our market. Later we read one of our old favorite books All Better and pretended to be doctors who help people everyday. When each animal got hurt I went around and polled the doctor audience, for example Dr. Cal or Dr. Eliana, what we should do to help the animal. We decided if we should ice the boo-boo or clean it, kiss it, and then put a bandaid on it. Next we pretended to be doctors with stethoscopes to check our classmates heart rates and their breathing!

We wrapped up activity time by reading our book again and talking about times when doctors helped us when we didn’t feel well.

Friday we are so excited to have our Trike-A-Thon and ride bikes and trikes and cars! Brooklynn will be our Shabbat helper! Next week Miss Maddie will teach us about the alphabet!

Best, Miss Aly and Miss Maddie