Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Good afternoon to our lovely Adom class! How was everyone’s week? We had a pretty lovely week in the toddler room! This week we started talking about summer! Even though it maybe wasn’t the best weather for the topic it started to get us excited for the season ahead and all of the fun we will have playing in the water and the sun!

Monday we enjoyed the warm almost summer sun with some lovely time outside.

Next we had art with Miss Katie! We read a book about a seed being planted and it’s journey to grow! Next we painted flower pots. First Miss Katie demonstrated on her pot by painting leaves with green paint and then making a red ladybug with her fingerprint. Then it was our turn. We started with green paint in all different shades. Next it was time for our red finger prints. After we helped Miss Katie fill a cup with soil and plant a bulb that will grow into a pretty flower!

Tuesday we started our day with some fine motor and played with pom poms!

Later we took a nature walk to find all of the summer things. We started off by reading Baby Loves Summer to get us excited about all the fun activities the summer has to offer. Next we looked around to see what we could see. We saw green grass, blooming flowers of all different bright summer colors, the trees all had leaves and there were animals in our pond!

Wednesday we started our morning with some fun coloring with the crayons that the preschool class made us for Chanukkah!

We had music with Cantor Schwartz and sang some of our favorite songs! Later Miss Maddie read us the book Water. After we made our own! We decorated blue paper with blue markers, crayons, and stickers! All of our blue water will become a big pool!

Thursday was a super super fun day at school! It was Fancy Shmancy Day and Tie Dying Day all in one! It was amazing. Everyone dressed up in our fanciest clothes which was so super fun and super cute! Throughout the morning we took turns getting our nails painted and tie dying shirts!

We also got to play and run outside and we had a blast running around in the big room. It was a special fun filled day. 🙂

Friday Alex will be our Shabbat helper! We will make some fun props for our big summer water scene and have a nice relaxing start to Shabbat!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! We will see you all on Tuesday!

Best, Miss Aly and Miss Maddie