Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy Friday Adom families! This week was the first official week of summer session! During summer session we enjoy the weather with more time outside and water play!

This week we had an ice cream theme! On Monday the todds came back from a long weekend to some new play areas. We now have a bakery and an ice cream shop! Everyone has gotten a few turns to play pretend with scooping, baking and eating together!

In the morning on Monday we met at the table to practice some color sorting. Using blue and green paper ice creams, each person took a turn trying to match their ice cream color to the large paper color. Sometimes they tried to trick me, but we got them all right in the end!

We also had art with Miss Beth where we made June bugs! After reading a cute buggy book, the todds glued various materials onto their own bug pictures. Of course after those were done, some friends finished art time with dot dot painting!

Our Tuesday activities started off at the table with coloring sheets. Using chubby crayons, the todds colored on pictures of yummy looking ice cream cones! They like to use lots of different colors! For our circle time and transition times, we broke out the good old CD player! Everyone stood up and danced along to the silly songs like “Body Rock” and “Animal Moves!”

After our regularly scheduled day, the extended care toddlers enjoyed an indoor water activity at the sensory table!

Wednesday was a bit of a crazy day but it started out super fun with colorful pom pom (“ice cream”) sorting and music time with the whole school! Today was also our good buddy Walter’s 2nd birthday! Yom Huledet Sameach! The toddlers went bananas for the surprise big room full of giant bouncy balls gifted to us by the Toledo family in celebration of Walter’s birthday.

Thursday was a bright sunshiny day and we enjoyed every minute of it! First we sat down all together on the blue rug to play “pass the ice cream!” We sat in a circle and each had our own cup that was our ice cream cone, and a big pretend ice cream scoop that we shared by passing around from cup to cup! Everyone did such a nice job carefully passing the big “scoop” of ice cream! While we got all ready for water play outside we played with play dough at the table! They could mold the play dough into pretend ice creams or squish it and cut it up! Then after a yummy snack it was time for water play! Finally the todds got to run through the sprinkler and splash in the water tables for the first time this summer! It was a blast and some friends love to get “all soaking wet!”

Friday Leora will be our special helper for Shabbat! Next week we will get some more time outside and do more silly dancing and some art projects! Friday will be Estelle’s last day. We’ll miss your silly, fun energy and huge smile, Estie!!

Friday will also be Miss Maddie’s last day with the Adom classroom. I am excited and sad to announce that I will be taking over as the preschool (Sagol) classroom teacher! What a wonderful year it has been with the toddlers! Thank you to the amazing and supportive families for sharing your kiddos with me!! I have appreciated every day I have gotten to learn and grow with them. I will still be around during morning and extended care most days, and of course please stop by next door to say hi any time 🙂 I will miss the Adom families so much but I know I will be with you all again when your toddlers graduate to preschool in no time! L’hitraot!

Next week we will continue to talk about ice cream and all of the other delicious treats that help make summer time so sweet!

Shabbat Shalom!

-Miss Aly and Miss Maddie