Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hi hello! This week started to feel even more like summer! We played outside and did water play almost every day and man did it feel good! We have absolutely been loving playing with the new car sponges in the water and painting on the sidewalk with water!

This week we started to talk about animals that live in water, either part of the time or all of the time! All week we listened to and sang different songs about animals that live in the water like, “Baby Shark”, “5 Little Ducks”, “Tiny Turtle” and more! Each day we sat down for some circle time. We took some deep breathes with our pal Adom.

Monday we welcomed Miss Nicoletta to our classroom. We are so excited to have her as apart of our Adom family! Nicoletta will be joining us for part of the summer, we have already loved having her with us and we can not wait to get to know her even better! After playing outside, we came in to have some time in the big room.

We started listening to “Baby Shark”, I started to talk about sharks living in the ocean and that there are other animals who also live in water. After the song was over I asked what song we should listen to next and said it should be about an animal that lives in the water. Right away someone jumped in and said “ducks”! They were so right ducks spend so much time in the water!

Tuesday we started our day with some felt flower petal and pipe cleaner flowers. The most favorite part was “planting” the flowers in our “flower pot”. As we planted each flower I asked what color the flowers stems were, we had some fun colors, green, pink, purple, orange.

Next we went outside and loved splashing around in the water tables.  

Wednesday we started our day by coloring/decorating some cutie fish with dot dot markers. One of my favorite things about toddler art projects is that they are all 100% unique. No matter what, even if you give each child the same template and same medium the work itself is perfectly one of a kind! It’s refreshing.

Thursday we started our morning with some jumping frogs, because guess what they live in and around the water! One of the most fun parts of our jumping frogs is filling a cup up with them and then dumping them out and doing it all over again!

We got outside before the rain today and we are so thankful!

Friday Easton will be our Shabbat helper!

Next week we will talk more about animals that live in the water. 🙂

Miss Aly and Miss Nicoletta