Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Good afternoon Adom families! We hope you had a great week. This week we continued to learn and talk about the water and different animals that live in it!

We were gifted some wonderful books from Leora’s family that went with our theme for the week. We loved them all! Our favorites were What Can Live in the Ocean, What Can Live in a Lake, and In the Water! We especially loved matching the different animals in our classroom to the ones in the books! We learned that fish breathe through their gills just like we breathe out of our nose.

On Monday we started our morning reading all of our new books! Later we talked about animals that live/spend time in the water and animals that live on land. After we used a blue paper for water and a green paper for land. We found a bunch of different animals in our classroom, from puzzles and toys. Then I would hold up an animal and ask if I should put it in the water or on the land. Some of the animals were tricky, like a duck, so we went and looked in our books and learned that ducks spend lots of time in the water but they also spend time on the land. Next it was the todds turn to match the animals with where they live.

On Tuesday we brought in some new water animals. They were all different colors! We have fish, dolphins, whales, turtles, crabs, and my favorite the puffer fish! They are all so cute. We started our morning by color matching the different animals. Since we used paper the day before during our activity time we decided to use the paper as water for the animals to swim in rather than match the colors.

On Wednesday we had a morning full of washing our water animals and letting them swim in boats. We loved splashing the animals in the bubbly water and then rinsing them off!

Next we went to music with Cantor Schwartz. We sang one of our favorite color songs!

Thursday morning during free play it was time to relax and color! Everyone got to pick their own coloring sheets and colors! During circle time we used our foam dice for a counting game. We would roll the dice and then count the dots on the side that it landed on. Next we would count and clap that many times. 

Friday we will have a lovely Shabbat with Finley as our Shabbat Helper! 

Next week we are going to talk about nature! We will take lots of walks and go hunting for some cool stuff. We will also celebrate the Fourth of July! 


Miss Aly and Miss Nicolleta