Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello lovely toddler families! I hope everyone had a lovely week and a happy 4th of July! This week was all about fun, nature and red white and blue! 

We welcomed Shira into our classroom! Shira is Avi’s little sister so we have seen her around school before and are so happy that she is finally part of our little family. We can not wait to continue to get to know her more and more. 🙂

Monday we had art with Miss Beth! We were so excited because she is one of our favorite people on the planet and we get so excited every time she is at school. 🙂 We made cutie turtles and the whole process was super fun! There were paper plates laid out on the table white was covered in white butcher paper. There were green paint blobs and tissue paper spread across the table. It was so so fun and really allowed the toddlers to create their own art. It was fun to get green and messy. 🙂

Tuesday we started our morning with some optional art as morning work at the table. All the toddlers were given a piece of brown paper to start. Next they were given scissors, which was fun and exciting because we don’t get to use them super often. The toddler’s job was to cut the brown paper. This was a difficult task but fun to try. I also demonstrated ripping the paper as another option, also great for fine motor.

After it was time to make the trunk and branches of our tree. I added glue to each of their papers and they placed their blown paper pieces.

The last step was to add leaves. We did this with green handprints! We love using stamp pads to make hand prints!

Later we went on a walk to look at all of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. We talked about the trees, colors of the flowers and all of the animals that live inside the pond!

Wednesday was a big day! We started our morning with some Toddler Dance Radio and some dancing with scarves! Next we headed to Music with Cantor Schwartz to do some more singing and dancing.

Later we went outside for some water play fun in the sun. 🙂

Next we did some sticker art with a 4th of July theme! As we did it we talked about the colors of the flag, the Statue of Liberty, and fireworks! 

Friday Alex will be our Shabbat helper. 🙂

Next week we will continue to learn about nature!