Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello lovely families! We hope everyone had a lovely week. We started the week off learning about nature and ended the week having fun in the sun, learning through movement, sensory play and more! 

On Monday we had some sensory play at the table! We had sticks, rocks, leaves, a huge pine cone and some dried corn to play with! We also had a magnifying glass to share. We loved all of the different textures and noises that everything made.

Later we enjoyed some water play 🙂

Tuesday we started off our day with some movement! First we read Yoga Bug and pretended to be all of the different bugs in the book. Some of the moves are a little tricky. After we read Cookie See Cookie Do and jumped up and down, spun around, and looked in between our legs!

Later we played with playdough that Miss Sarah gave to us! We loved it. Thank you Miss Sarah for the wonderful gift. 

Wednesday we had music with Rabbi Crimmings! It was such a treat. 🙂 We sang lots of our favorite songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle! After we got outside to enjoy some fresh air before the rain started. 🙂 

Thursday we had a special class with Miss Suzie from Geography Adventures! It was called Teddy Bear Friendship! When we came into the big room we were all given a teddy bear to hold, we started by singing different songs with our bears. Next it was time for a story, Hannah helped Miss Suzie (the character in her story’s name was also Hannah, what a coincidence) tell the story. Hannah was helping her mom get ready for a Teddy Bear Friendship Shabbat by picking up the Challah from the baker. Along the way she helped a woman and said “hi” to some teddy bear pals! Next we went on a hunt for Winnie the Pooh and sat all of our teddy bears around him. Then we decorated our own teddy bears. After we had our Shabbat with our teddy bears and sang Shabbat Feeling!

After a fun morning we had water play and big room time! 

Friday Gus will be our Shabbat helper! 

Next week we will read Brown Bear Brown Bear and make all of the fun animals. 🙂 

Have a great weekend! 


Miss Aly and Miss Nicoletta