Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Well hello Adom families! How was everyone’s week? This week we did everything having to do with Brown Bear, Brown Bear. 

All week we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear! We also upon Jack’s request listened to a lot of the Lion King which turned out to be a hit with the rest of the todds too. 🙂 

Monday we had art with Miss Beth! This week we made suns! The todds were given plates, there was yellow and orange paint on the table for the todds to start making their suns. The next steps were adding yellow and orange paper and yellow and orange pom poms! The todds had a blast and loved being creative. 🙂

Tuesday we started our Brown Bear, Brown Bear work! We started by reading the book of course. My favorite part of this book is how much the todds love it and hearing them “read” the book with me as I read it to them! Next we made brown bears! The todds used brown marker to make the bears fur. Then they made the bears ears and next glued on the eyeballs!

Later it was time for water play! Today we discovered the paint brushes that are outside. The todds loved painting the side walks and toys with water.

Wednesday we started the morning by working on our red bird tree! First the todds used brown markers and paper to make what will be the tree for the birds to sit in.  After I traced their hands on red paper which will become the red birds!

After we went to music with Cantor Schwartz and had a great time. 

Thursday we started a yellow duck project! The todds were given yellow markers and yellow crayons and a white paper plate. While the todds were coloring away they helped me pick out yellow stickers, tissue paper and feathers to complete our yellow duck bodies.

Later we went outside had loved every minute of water play. Miss Rebecca found two frogs, we got to look at them with our eyeballs, it was so cool. 🙂 

Friday Walter will be our Shabbat helper! 

Next week we will continue talking about Brown Bear, Brown Bear, the different colors of animals, and what time different animals do!! 

Have a great weekend!


Miss Aly and Miss Nicoletta