Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Good afternoon Adom families. I hope everyone had a lovely fun filled summer week. This week we continued to talk about Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and finished off the week by reading and talking about so many fun books! 

All week we took pictures to finish off our Brown Bear, Brown Bear unit. The pictures will be for “children, children, what do you see?”

Monday the todds spent the day with Miss Sarah while I was on vacation. They had a fun filled day that included some outside play and big room time!!! 

Tuesday we started our day with fine motor and color activities with our frogs! This week we had a lot of fun helping fill up each other’s cup. It turned into a great sharing activity.

Later we enjoyed some fresh air with some good ‘ol outside time. It was on the chiller side so we opted out of water play and thoroughly enjoyed the playground.

We wrapped up our day (before going to nap) with some Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I just love their enthusiasm for this book and sense of pride knowing what comes next or what sounds the animals make. 

Wednesday we did some art! Today we made goldfish! The todds were in charge of making what will become the seaweed the fish will be swimming in. They used all different green mediums to draw the seaweed. Next we did one of our favorite things, hand prints! The todds all made an orange handprint which will become our goldfish!

After we headed over to music with Cantor Schwartz.

Later we enjoyed some water play and time with our new connector toys. 

Thursday we started our day with much needed free play while we got ourselves ready for water play. Before snack we started off our reading day. It wasn’t planned that way but we rolled with it and it was a blast. We sat and read a few books that Gus and Easton brought from home. Next we had circle time! We have absolutely been loving our Rocking Horse song again!

Next we played outside and had a blast with the sprinkler! After we came in and changed into warm clothes we sat back down on the rug for more books! We brought back All Better! and it was a hit once again. The toddlers brought over books for and picked from a stack of books. It was fun to read with the whole group. 🙂

Friday Jack will be our Shabbat helper. 🙂

Next week we will do all things sensory! Have a great weekend!


Miss Aly