Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello lovely families! This week was all about sensory play and exploration! Needless to say it was a blast. 

This week we had art with Ms. Beth and Geography Adventures with Mrs. Suzie! Coincidentally our fun activities also had something to do with sensory play, which was absolutely perfect! 

All week we continued our reading journey. We already read a lot of books throughout the day but we are adding more and more reading times as a class throughout the day. We are still invested in All Better! It was read at least twice everyday before nap this week. The todds are starting to remember the words and can almost tell the story without my help. They love blowing kisses to the hurt animals, talking about the color of the bandaids and making sure the animals get “all better”! 

We welcomed Juliet back into our classroom this week. She started in our class when she was younger and took a little break, now she is back as a big 2 year old! We are so thrilled to have her back in our school and to be apart of our Adom family again. 🙂 

On Monday we had art with Ms. Beth! We started with touch and feel animal books.

Then we went into the art room to find so many cool sensory activities. Ms. Beth made a really super cool board with the sequin fabric that changes color if you move it up or down with your hands. She also had sensory bottles filled with different objects and different bins with pom poms, paper, rubber and more!

Wait, there is more, next we got to paint with all different types of objects. There were paint brushes, tooth brushes and sponges laid out across the table for the todds to use when they painted their pictures! They are in the hallway, they have so many different colors and textures! 

Tuesday we started our day with sensory bottles that we borrowed from the infant room. They were all filled with different stuff, bells, sand, pipe cleaners, paper, corn, pom poms, and more. They all made different noises and were fun to shake and move around. The todds had a blast.

Next it was time for water play which happens to fit in wonderfully with our sensory theme. 🙂 

Wednesday we started our day with the sensory table! It was filled with fake green grass, pretend snowballs and wooden circles. The todds loved it.

Next we went to music with Rabbi Crimmings! We sang all of our favorite songs, it is so fun to see her for music. While we were in the big room Ms. Sadie and Ms. Katie brought out the parachute, we had so much fun making it go up and down. 🙂 

Thursday we started our day with free play! Next it was time for Underwater Adventures with Mrs. Suzie The whole big room was set up with different ocean and beach areas! We started with introductions and then we got into our car and went to the beach. First stop was the beach with sand and seashells. Mrs. Suzie told us a story about a mom snail and her baby. They were at the beach one day, we helped feed the baby snacks and then helped him find his mom after he went searching for seashells. Next we went to the ocean (a blanket we used like a parachute) It had a ball in the middle it was so fun to see it move up and down. Next we went to see the different animals in the ocean, we helped find Winter the Dolphin who hurt their tail and learned how doctors helped give her a new tail. Last but not least we decorated our very own fish that we found in the ocean!

Later in our day we went for a walk around the building, we played with alphabet magnets, and played with wobble toys! The todds loved spelling their names with Miss Rebecca! 

Friday we will continue exploring! Eleanor will be our Shabbat Helper!

Next week we will continue with sensory play. Each day there will be something different in our sensory table.

Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Aly