Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello everyone! Did everyone have a fun filled week like we did? This week we continued to talk about all things sensory. Each day we had something new in the sensory table or in sensory bins! We talked about how the items felt, cold/hot, soft/hard, do we like how they feel? The toddlers loved exploring all the new creations. 

Monday our sensory table was filled with sand, rocks and dinosaurs. Definitely a fan favorite, you can’t go wrong with dinosaurs. The sand felt cold and was super soft and soothing to play with. The todds loved hiding the rocks and feeding the dinosaurs.

After we enjoyed some overcast time outside! During big room time we sang “I roll the ball to ____ they roll it back to me” It was a fun big ball activity!

Tuesday we took our sensory play to the table and explored a bin of pine cones and a bin of corn! The corn was our favorite. Each todd explored in different ways, some poured the corn kernels from one bin to another, some simply ran their fingers through it, others used the funnel fill up bottles. Because the corn was so much fun to pour it became a little messy, but that is okay because it doubled as a fine motor activity-the todds worked really hard to pick up each kernel one by one and put them back in the bins. 

Wednesday the todds spent the day with Miss Rebecca, Miss Sadie and Miss Hannah while Miss Aly bought a house. 🙂 They spent the morning exploring the sensory table that was filled with rice and soft blocks.

Next we went and enjoyed a fun filled music class with Cantor Schwartz. 

Thursday was Hawaiian Dress Up Day! We loved seeing everyone in their fun flower filled outfits.

Our sensory table was filled with dried beans, hay and corks. What a fun combination. There were so many fun and different things to feel and explore.

After the sensory table we moved to the table to play with playdough!

Later we went and enjoyed some fresh air and then some big room time which included a mini dance party. 

Friday our sensory table will be filled with dried pasta! Easton will be our Shabbat helper. 🙂 

Next week we have dress up days every day! We will be talking about movement and dance next week! Everyday will be a fun filled moving day. 

Have a beautiful weekend!


Miss Aly and Miss Rebecca