Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello Families,

We are excited to welcome several new students to our class –  Leo, Liam, Van and Adam. Liam and Adam were babies in our infant room, Van’s older sister was a past BSY student and Leo is new to our school  We have loved getting to know them this week. They have added so much to our class. 

This week also brought changes to the teaching staff in the toddler room.  We feel lucky to have such a strong cohesive team with Aly, Katie and Benny.  Aly and Katie were co-toddler teachers working together for several years, Benny has been a favorite at BSY for many years (and is the child of Katie’s college roommate) and we all feel great about caring for your children together.  

Our theme this week was all about welcoming the toddlers back and setting expectations for a great year.  This was done with reading many books about children going to preschool and also by modeling good choices in a variety of situations. 

Some highlights from this week include:

  • Singing lots of name songs, including Choo-choo, Willaby-Wallaby, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and Banana-fana. Kids this age love singing, but love it even more when it includes their name.  A side benefit will be having them learn their classmates names. 
  • We read lots of books together.  It’s amazing how bringing out a book and reading together can quiet a roomful of crazy toddler energy.  They LOVE books and show excellent attention spans when being read to. Many of the books this week related to starting preschool.  They talked about classroom expectations, saying goodbye to parents at the start of the school day, playing with toys (and sharing), napping on cots, making friends and learning through lots of experiences. 
  • We modeled appropriate choices and prosocial skills using puppets and small toys.  My favorite were the stuffed mice who sat at the table during lunch and didn’t run around the classroom.  🙂
  • We had lots of large motor time with both outside play and playing in the social hall (since the big room is under construction this week).  Cars, balls and large blocks were the favorite toys. Having spaces to run off some energy and just be kids is invaluable!
  • We got together with the whole school for music with the cantor.  The toddlers were able to sit with siblings and friends from other classes.  It is always a weekly favorite.
  • We worked at the table manipulating playdough, decorating leaves (for our sparse looking tree in our classroom – it’s a work in progress) and making little frogs jump (great fine motor work).
  • The kids worked on the Jewish value of the month, Archrayut (responsibility) by helping wash the tables before snack time.  The LOVED being helpers and being praised for their hard work. They also helped cleaning up the classroom before transitions.   
  • Friday morning we will wash babydolls in the sensory table.  It is sure to be a favorite activity! They may get a little wet but will love splashing, pouring, and swirling the water. 

Next week we will switch our theme to “All About Me”.  Thank you for completing and returning our question sheets.  If you happened to lose yours (no judgement – I can relate) we have extras. 

Have a fantastic weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny