Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

We made it through this rainy week by focusing on fun hands-on activities, LOTS of books, and tons of singing.  Our saving grace is our large motor space for the kids to get their wiggles (and squeals) out! Hopefully next week will bring drier weather so we can get outside to play. 

Here are some highlights from the week:

When the toddlers arrived on Monday they found a new addition to our classroom – photo blocks.  These are wood blocks with photos of each child on them. The kids LOVE them. They like to carry around their own special block and show them to the teachers repeatedly or incorporate them into their creative play.  Some kids correctly hand out the blocks to their classmates.

We even went on a stroller walk or “friend-safari” looking throughout the school for all the hidden photo blocks. The walk was a success due to them being such observant little people.

We had art with Ms. Beth which involved hearing a story about trains and then creating their own name-train.  The kids glued (sticky fingers can make gluing things pretty frustrating at times) and colored their train pictures and Ms. Beth added their names later. The completed projects are on display in the hall by the stairs.   

Thanks for completing your “All About Me” sheets.  We used them to create the rainbow display in the hall.  The kids painted their clouds (if your child’s cloud is white it means they weren’t at school at the time the painting was done – we will likely have them do the painting next week). We added rainbow strips to show the answers to different questions. It’s been really fun finding out more about all the kids and learning all the funny pet names!

Playdough is a big hit with the class!  We have pulled it out several times and modeled rolling it out, cutting it, and creating monsters with it.  In the photos you can see Alex and Easton especially loved the playdough monsters.  

We have a pretty big class so moving through the halls as a group takes some practice.  We have been singing, Finger on the Wall song as a natural way to keep the kids together and moving in the right direction.  The words are: Put your finger on the wall, on the wall. Put your finger on the wall, on the wall.  Put your finger on the wall when you’re walking in the hall, put your finger on the wall, on the wall.  It takes some practice and reinforcement but we are seeing progress.  

The kids had fun playing in the sensory table.  We put black beans in it and emotion face tiles.  We didn’t fill the table very full in hopes of keeping most of the beans in the table.  The toddlers loved swishing the beans around and listening to the surprisingly loud noise they made.  We had pretty good success with the beans remaining in the table. The kids also played in very close proximity with their peers and did extremely well with it. 

Rosh Hashanah is coming soon so Cantor Schwartz started working on holiday songs with the kids during our weekly music time.  He even blew the shofar for the kids. The loud blasts were received with mixed reactions from the littlest kids, but mostly the kids loved it!

Picture day went well – check out a preview of our class picture taken with my camera.  I can’t believe how well our kids posed for the photo. They were little rockstars!

On Friday Adam will be our Shabbat helper for the first time during our special person Shabbat service. We love seeing all the family members who can make it to celebrate with us. 

Next week we will focus on the color red!

Thanks for sharing your amazing little nuggets with us.  We love spending our days with them. 


Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny