Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

We had a lovely week in the toddler room! This week was all about being a good listener and sounds in general! 

One of the Jewish values for the month of January is Middah sh’miat haozen (Listening Ear). We are always practicing being a good listener and practicing listening to our friends and teachers’ words. This week we really focused on what that means and what it looks like, how we can use our bodies to be good listeners.

Along with listening to each other we can also listen to the world around us. There are so many sounds, some are quiet and some are loud. Almost everything makes a sound! 

All week we sang “The Listening Song” and read books like The Very Quiet Cricket and Little Dinos Don’t Yell.

Monday we started our day by coloring “listening ears”! They are being made into headbands so we can wear them as a reminder to be a good listener! Monday was also PJ day! One of the best/most comfortable dress up days. 🙂

We also had art with Ms. Beth and did something a little different. We decorated cookies! It was very very fun and delicious. The todds got to eat one cookie during art and then decorated two more to send home to share with someone at home. Hopefully they were enjoyed by all!

Tuesday we made rain sticks! The todds first job was to dot dot colorful paper that would be used to decorate our big rain sticks.

Next they helped me fill the rain sticks with dried beans and beads! We have loved playing with and listening to them all week. 

Wednesday was a busy day! For our morning activity the todds got to play with pom poms which is a fan favorite. Ms. Katie showed them how the bin of pom poms are quiet and the bin of pouch caps are loud!

Mr. Benny led a rocking dance party with instruments and then…

…they went to music with Ms. Shana!

Later we went for a nice walk outside to get some lovely fresh air!

Thursday we gathered around the table and talked about all the different sounds different objects on a tray made! We all wore different animal ears as our listening ears! It was pretty cute. We talked about different animal noises, like a bird! We practiced taking deep breaths to calm our bodies so we would be able to listen to each noise!

We also colored listening ears for the kiddos who don’t come on Mondays!

During snack we even talked about the different sounds our food was making. The goldfish were crunchy and loud and the craisins barely made any sound, they were quiet! We also went for a winter walk before lunch!

Friday Juliet will be our Shabbat helper! 

Next week will be all about science and caring for our bodies!

Have a happy weekend!


Ms. Aly, Ms. Katie and Mr. Benny