Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Shalom, Adom Families! We had an amazing week learning about dinosaurs through play, books, sensory, songs and art. The toddler’s enjoyed every minute of these dinosaur activities!

On Monday, we started our morning with a little problem solving by putting together a huge dinosaur puzzle with the teachers.

During our circle time this week, the toddlers did another great job at sitting all together and saying good morning to Adom (our class puppet) plus, giving him a nice beep on the nose. We did the classic egg shakers ABC songs and rocking horse songs as well. A couple days we even did “chicka chicka boom boom look who’s my room” song and enjoy hearing their name being cheered every time we do it. 

 A little later on Monday, we played in the sensory bin full of corn kernels and different types of dinosaurs! 

On Tuesday, the morning activity was choosing a blank picture of different types of dinosaurs and drawing the dinosaur with colored markers.

Before lunch, we went on a stroll again and talked more about dinosaurs through books and conversation. 

Our favorite song this week was “We Are The Dinosaurs.” We sang it a bunch of times while the toddlers pretended to be big dinosaurs. 

Wednesday morning, we took out the dot dot markers and the toddlers went to town coloring the dinosaur themed dot dot sheet. 

A little time after we finished up dot dots, it was time for music in the big room! This week Rabbi Crimmings sang songs with her guitar. We sang some of our favorites like “Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and “The Wheels on the Bus” and many more. 

After our big room time, we came back into the classroom to play in the sensory bin full of sand, rocks and dinosaurs! 

On Thursday, we used our big dinosaurs and paint to make some dinosaur tracks on paper all around the table. It got really messy but it was worth it! 

We didn’t have our normal walk today. Instead, we had a dinosaur egg hunt! We went around in the stroller while the children pointed and called out if they saw an egg. At the end of our scavenger hunt we counted up all of our eggs and talked about the different colors of the eggs.

On Friday, we will started our day with playdough and dinosaurs! There’s so many ways we can play with dinosaurs and this week really proves that. 

Van will be our shabbat helper. 

Next week Ms. Aly will be teaching us about listening ears and sounds! 

Thanks for a great week everyone! Hope everyone warm and comfortable weekend.


Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny