Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

This week was all about Chanukah. While it is not a major Jewish holiday, it sure is a fun one!  

Here are some highlights from our week:

  • We put out our toddler friendly menorah set everyday this week.  The kids LOVED putting the candles in the menorah (which is great counting practice), trying to spin the dreidels (or watching them spin after the teachers spun them), and “cooking” latkes (potato pancakes) in a pan and serving them to their friends and teachers.  It’s been so fun to watch their dramatic play develop.
  • The kids used the easels to paint blue patterns on white paper which was then cut into snowflakes as part of our new door display.  The Todds seem to enjoy standing and working on a large scale painting. They also had to wait for their turn – which they do very well.  They are really understanding the concept of “my turn next, please” – which is the phrase they use (or we say for them) when they would like a turn with something that another child is already engaged in.  For Toddlers they are amazing at it!!
  • Throughout the week they posed for pictures to be used in our new snowglobe door display.  What cuties! They totally rocked it. Here are some examples from our “photo shoots”. Some loved the attention and some just humored us, but didn’t really love it. 🙂
  • In the Big Room we tried out two special activities.  One we have done before, which is attempting to throw balls at a rectangle taped on the wall.  They like the challenge and the cheers they get when they try it. The other activity was brand new this week.  We put Baby Shark cutouts on the blue mat (which we often pretend is a pool or lake) and then put a board-bridge across it.  They practiced their balance while walking across the bridge and avoiding the sharks. We have a wide range of ages in the class so it was definitely easier for some than others but fun for all who tried it.
  • The sensory table was filled with corn and Chanukah related items.  Corn is satisfying to scoop and poor and makes a great noise as you move it around.  They did a pretty good job of keeping it in the table. 🙂
  • Besides practicing counting using candles on our menorah, we also counted while singing, Hickory Dickory Dock and used a stuffed mouse to climb each child’s “clock”.   The kids look out for each other and will call out the name of a child who hasn’t had a turn yet. “Kate’s turn, Kate’s turn.”  They are really compassionate kids. We couldn’t dig them more than we do!
  • Also new this week was ramps & cars.  So FUN! We just used pieces of foam core board and taped them to the edges on our furniture.  The kids took turns sending cars down the ramps. It was exciting and interesting. Some went fast, some went off the edge of the ramp, some rolled far and others stopped at the bottom of the ramp.  Again they took turns extremely well. 
  • A few kids were really excited about working on our 4 foot long fire truck puzzle.  It was super tricky but rewarding when it was finished!
  • We had our Chanukah party on Wednesday with the whole school.  Our class painted paper last week which was used on the back of the photo blocks we gave to the preschool class.  We love our own photo blocks and use them everyday so we decided it was the perfect gift for the preschoolers. They turned out great!
  • Right after the party we had music with Rabbi Crimmings.  She even rocked a light up menorah headband! We all had a great time. 
  • The gift we received from the PreK class was a set of shape sorters they created and decorated.  It was a perfect gift for our kids and they really enjoyed playing with it!
  • We also painted paper which has been turned into a menorah.  Actually a few of them. They will be used at the Bet Shalom Chanukah party this weekend as centerpieces on the tables. They turned out really cute!
  • Anna was our Shabbat helper on Friday.

Next week Mr. Benny will continue to focus on the theme of Chanukah. We hope everyone is healthy and back at school soon.  Please know we are washing and sanitizing like crazy in our classroom. 

We hope you enjoy your days off next week.  Happy Holidays to you all!


Ms. Katie, Ms. Aly & Mr. Benny