Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello Adom families. 🙂 We hope everyone had a lovely week. We sure did in the toddler room! This week we continued to talk about families and started to slowly introduce Chanukah because it’s coming up at the end of next week! 

It was a cold snowy week so we spent a lot of time inside, we loved watching the snowfall through the window! 

All week on our lovely walks we read Chanukah stories and talked about our colors with kippahs!

We also read our favorites, Calm Down Monkey and Dinosaurs Don’t Bite, and we got ready for nap each day with Llama Llama Red Pajama, Animal Boogie and Firetruck! 

Monday we started our morning with a matching puzzle and then a DANCE PARTY! There was music on and we had scarfs to dance around with. It was a great way to start our week.

After circle time, saying hello to our pal Adom and playing in the big room, we went to art class with Ms. Beth! This week we made cute penguins. Ms. Beth had outlines of penguins drawn the todds job was to fill in each section with orange, white and black papers! They turned out super cute, check them out in the hallway. 🙂

Tuesday we started our morning with frogs and cups! The todds had a great time filling cups up and dumping them out, stacking them up and trying to get them to jump across the table!

While we played with frogs we started our art project for the day. The todds were given a cut out of a house. There were pieces of different colored paper that meant different things. Yellow=me, purple=mom, green=dad, orange=pet, pink=siblings. We asked the toddlers who lived in their house (and gave them the correct colored paper), we helped put some glue on the paper squares and let the todds place them in their home! Most of them are accurate. 🙂 It turned out so cute and was fun to talk about everyone’s families. 

Wednesday was sports day at school! Our morning started with some coloring. The todds colored paper that said “I love my family” and once they were done took turns making handprints! The handprints were a hit, the todds loved how the stamp and felt and enjoyed picking out the color.

Later we went to music with Cantor Schwartz and continued to sing Chanukah songs! 

Thursday we started making our Chanukah gift for the Sagol room for our Chanukah party next week! We don’t want to give too much away so our friends can still be surprised but the todds got to decorate some purple paper with dot dot markers! Some off the todds even practiced unscrewing the tops! Fun was had by all. 🙂

Friday we will play in the sensory table and enjoy Shabbat with our Shabbat helper, Eve!

Next week Ms. Katie will teach us about Chanukah! 

As always thank you for sharing your cutie nuggets with us. 🙂


Ms. Aly, Ms. Katie, and Mr. Benny