Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Happy December everyone! We hope you all had a lovely extended break and Thanksgiving. We were excited to get back to school and see all of our favorite kiddos! 

This week we welcomed Anna and Eve into our Adom family! We are so happy to have them. They are bright, fun and happy girls. They fit perfectly into our classroom, it’s almost as if they have been here forever. We have loved getting to know them this week and can not wait to get to know them better each day! Welcome Anna and Eve!

This week we talked about Families and started to talk about our December theme of Kavod (respect, honor)!

All week we sang a song called “Families Are All Different!” It is to the tune of “Five Little Indians”. It is very catchy and talks all about families can be big, small, short or tall, and that we all have our own families. We have really started to like the song! We read different books we have in our classroom like Mommy, Mama, and Me and I Love You Daddy. To talk about and show different families.

We have been noticing that the todds have been helping to clean up more and more on their own (the bins are filled with all types of toys:)) Which is amazing timing, we started to talk about taking care of and respecting our classroom. This can look like picking up our toys when we are done and taking care of our toys while we play with them. 

Monday we started off our day with some fun free plan that included lots of baby doll loving!

Later we had circle time and greeted our pal Adom and introduced our song about families!

Later we went for a lovely walk outside in the strollers! 

Tuesday the easel was out, we got to paint! It was very fun and everyone was so excited to take a turn. The todds painted a lovely background for what will become a fun Adom Family collage!

Later we went outside and played in the snow! It was still fluffy which made it even more fun to be in. Getting in our snow gear and going out is not yet everyone cup of tea but we are so lucky we have been able to spend time outside before it is too cold.

During our walk between gross motor time and lunch we strolled over to the BSY Family Tree! We got to see pictures of everyone’s families, we stopped to talk about all of them. Ms. Amanda even stopped by and told us about her family! 

Wednesday we started our morning with a “family hunt” I had some friends help me hide family pictures around the room and then we all went to look for them! It was very fun when the todds found their family picture!

Later we went to music with Cantor Schwartz. Since it is almost Chanukah we started to sing Chanukah songs! So fun.

Later we spent some time doing sensory play. This included, a black bean bin with animals and rocks, zen gardens filled with sand and rocks, and the sensory table filled with corn and people to play families with, 

Thursday we started our morning with peg boards! A new favorite activity of ours. Ms. Katie taught us about A, B, patterns. 🙂 We made lots of towers with fun patterns. Later we spent some more time outside in the snow. After we re visited our BSY family tree.

Friday we will enjoy Shabbat with Easton as our Shabbat helper! 

Next week we will continue to talk about families and kavod!


Ms. Aly, Ms. Katie, and Mr. Benny