Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

On Monday, we started the day off by having the children put Pom Poms in bottles that looked like turkeys or as we told the class “feed the turkeys”.

Another option they had was to put feathers into holes on a container that also looked like a turkey.

After snack, the class spent some time outside climbing on the small equipment, going down the slides, running with friends or just walking around getting some fresh air.

Once we came in, it was time for art with Miss Beth!  We continued the plan of splitting the class up into two groups. When one group goes to art, the other group gets some more large motor time in the big room then, groups switch. Miss Beth had the children attach scrap paper onto contact paper and draw with crayons on a table that was fully covered with white paper. Miss Beth also taped contact paper on the ground so the children could walk on the sticky side!

Right before lunch, we read some Thanksgiving themed books that Leora’s family brought in!

At the end of the day, they listened and read Llama Llama Red Pajama and Animal Boogie. If they didn’t choose to participate in that, they had some free time to play with all the various items on the shelves.

On Tuesday we started the morning playing together on the rug with a few farms, lots of animals, a duck pond and other miscellaneous farm related items. The kids took turns with the most desirable things (the tractor & ducks) and played well together. As their interest waned we moved to the table to work on Thanksgiving turkeys. The kids used dot-dot markers to decorate their turkey’s “feathers”.

We played in the Big Room with bikes, balls, hoops and climbed on the climber.  They love the freedom to run, yell, kick and throw balls.

Our new routine of taking a quiet walk with story time before lunch has been going very well! We read a story about feeling thankful for all the things in our lives. Gratitude is such a powerful thing in our lives. It’s a great thing to start modeling to kids at this age.

Next week we will start our unit on families! 

We hope you all have the best Thanksgiving. Eat some yummy food and get some wonderful family and friend time in! Travel safely and enjoy the snow fall!


Ms. Aly, Ms. Katie and Mr. Benny