Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello lovely toddler families! This week we had a blast learning about the colors orange and yellow and continuing learning about managing our emotions. 

We may not have made it outside this week because of the cold but we absolutely loved watching the snow fall through our classroom window!

During circle time this week we tried something new. We practiced saying “please” and “thank you” we passed around a mouse stuffed animal! If a kiddo wanted a turn they practiced asking nicely with a “please” once they were given a turn they said “thank you”! It was a lovely activity and great practice being kind, polite, and patient! 

This week the top of the sensory table was covered in yellow and orange paper and filled with yellow and orange toys for the toddlers to explore and learn. 

Throughout the week we read Little Monkey Calms Down, Breathe Like a Bear, Little Dinos Don’t Bite, Yoga Bug, All Better, Yellow Everywhere, Orange Everywhere and more! We ended our days with Animal Boogie and Fire Truck!

Monday started off with a yellow coloring sheet. It included pictures of all things yellow. The todds were given yellow dot dot markers, yellow crayons, yellow markers and even yellow stickers to decorate their paper.

After our gross motor time the toddlers split into two groups one half played in the sensory table that was filled with, you guessed it, all things yellow!

While the other half did a super fun art project with Ms. Beth. Once one group was done we switched! During art the todds decorated a white sheet that said “Adom” in masking tape. The todds job was to cover it in paint. We picked sparkly gold, red and orange finger paint! At first the todds weren’t so sure about getting messy but after a while they really embraced it! The sheet turned out so super cool!

Tuesday we started our day with an orange coloring sheet. Similarly to Monday the todds were given all things orange to decorate their pages!

Later it was time to go on a color hunt. We tried splitting the group up a little bit again just for some variety. The first group helped me (Ms. Aly) hang up the different yellow and orange shapes in the hallway. While we were doing that everyone else was helping decorate the top of the sensory table!

Then I took a couple groups out at a time to hunt for the yellow and orange shapes! 

Wednesday we started our day off by making suns! The toddlers helped glue down a yellow circle with orange triangles to make a sun! The bigger kiddos even had the opportunity to use their own glue stick! They all turned out to be totally different and we LOVE that. They all look amazing and are hanging up in the hallway for everyone to see!

Later the todds sat to read some books and practiced gentle touches with baby dolls! 

Thursday was a big free play day! Some todds joined at the table to do a color matching activity with yellow and orange toys, of course!

After enjoying getting all of our sillies out in the big room we sat and read All Better! We took care of all of the animal characters in the book. The todds were so cute blowing kisses to the animals to help make them all better!

Friday is Fancy Nancy Day! We can’t wait to see everyone’s cutie outfits! Liam will be out Shabbat Helper. 🙂

Next week Ms. Katie will continue to teach about yellow/orange and focus on managing emotions.

As always thank you for sharing your kiddos with us! We have really enjoyed starting conferences this week and being able to sit down and talk with all of you. We are looking forward to the conferences to come.

Best,Ms. Aly, Ms. Katie, Mr. Benny