Katie Gitler, Assistant Director of Bet Shalom Yeladim

Katie was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and grew up in a family of teachers (both grandmas, her mom and sister are all teachers). She came to Minnesota for college and has her degree in Elementary Education with a focus in art. She lived in Holland for a year with her husband and returned home to be a fourth grade teacher up until the time she had her first child. While raising her three children, Katie was very involved in Early Childhood Family Education and fell in love with learning about and teaching preschool age children. She believes young children learn best through experiencing things first hand in an environment full of art, music, books, free play, sensory experiences and love. She doesn’t mind things getting a little messy for the sake of learning! Outside of Bet Shalom Yeladim, Katie enjoys spending time with her family & dog Louie, reading books, playing cribbage, going on art dates with her husband, and baking cookies.