At Bet Shalom Yeladim, we provide an excellent educational experience for young children ages six weeks to five years.

Through Jewish values, literacy, mathematics, music, art, and science we prepare kids for Kindergarten and a lifetime of educational development.

We offer Infant, Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-K, classes.

A Rich Community

As a part of our Jewish heritage, we celebrate Jewish holidays and Shabbat with songs, stories, special foods and traditions. We incorporate Jewish values into our curriculum throughout the year. Children of all faiths are welcomed to our school with the understanding that we celebrate and observe Jewish and American holidays in an inclusive manner. By welcoming all preschool-age children we strive to create a stronger community within Bet Shalom Yeladim and the larger local community.

Children with Special Needs

We strive to accommodate children with special needs. As a congregation and a preschool, we work with each family to offer support and resources within the community in order to better serve all children.

As a child care provider, we continually monitor the development of all children in our care through ongoing observation and recording. Child care providers are considered a primary referral source for early intervention under the federal IDEA special education law.

We are required to refer a child in our program who has been identified as having developmental concerns or a risk factor that warrants a referral as soon as possible. While this is a mandate, we keep open communication with parents and caregivers about their child and any concerns we have before a referral is made. We can assist the parent with the referral or partner with them in the referral process.