Past Confirmation Gifts Given to Bet Shalom

Confirmation has a rich and unique history, tracing its roots back to Europe. At Bet Shalom, Confirmation is so much more than learning. We aim to have students connect with their peers and their community through leading services and participating in events. Confirmation students also participate in our Annual Flower Sale, raising funds to give back to Bet Shalom. Throughout Bet Shalom’s history, we’ve received many interesting and thoughtful gifts. Here are just a few of the gifts that have been given to Bet Shalom:

1985: Bima copy Plaut Torah Commentary

2003: Folding machine donated to Bet Shalom offices

2007: Plants for the Front Entrance

2008: Mishkan T’fillah: When Bet Shalom bought the new prayerbooks, the Confirmation Class contributed over $1,000

2009: Added to the murals downstairs, apple trees by the Holocaust garden, and contributed to the Paul Thomas Fund Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring fund

2010: Added  to the murals downstairs, contributed to the 1993 Class fund (scholarship for youth group), and named star in Bet Shalom’s name

2011: Provided new hearing-impaired devices for the sanctuary, sensory table for the preschool, and donated $1,000 to the endowment fund

2013: Flagpoles for the Israeli and American flags

2016: New candlesticks for the sanctuary

2018: New furniture for the Youth Lounge

We are grateful for the gifts the Confirmation Classes over the years have given to Bet Shalom. And, maybe the next time you look up at the stars, you’ll be reminded of Bet Shalom.