Eric Bressler, Editor

Volume 1 Issue 4  | June 2021

Tapestry is an online magazine that features photos, articles and more about our people, our lives and how Judaism is reflected in our relationships and practices at Bet Shalom. Got an idea for a relational story or a person to spotlight? Contact us at tapestry@betshalom.org.


Elana Warren

Campus Jewish Life
-with Elana Warren

Bet Shalom college students connect with Jewish organizations at the University of Minnesota.


Carrie Bloomfield

Music and Memory
-Carrie Bloomfield

Music & Memory: Helping people with memory issues enjoy their lives


Isaac Lubin and Shira Hanovich

Keren Or Prose Contest Winners
-Isaac Lubin and Shira Hanovich

Winning Prose entries in the Keren Or contest by Bet Shalom teens Isaac Lubin and Shira Hanovich


Two BSY preschoolers

Preschool Photo Shoot
- Ethan Roberts

Cute kids in fall colors! How does Ethan Roberts do it?


Apples and Honey by Karen Dahl

Apples and Honey painting
-Karen Dahl

Painting by Karen Dahl for a sweet new year!

Editor‘s Note: Analysis of the first two editions of Tapestry shows that readership drops off for articles farther down the email. So to be fair to the contributors, we’re trying four articles per edition. We may increase the frequency of editions or add back some articles as we experiment to figure out the best mix.