Music by Nanette and Bill Goldman

Nanette Goldman plays violin and Bill Goldman plays cello professionally in the Twin Cities. They are long time members of Bet Shalom. Nanette writes:

Contributing to Jewish holiday traditions through music is the high point of our year. The High Holidays get in full swing for us when Bill and I have annual our rehearsal for Erev Yom Kippur with Rita Lusky.  Our most cherished relationships in the Bet Shalom community involve making music. We immediately think of the music makers we’ve been so privileged to work with, Rita Lusky, Emilia Flegel,  Cantor Sarah Lipsett -Allison, Cantor Richard Schwartz, Eric Bressler and our wonderful choir.  And we’re excited to eventually collaborate with the newest musician of our community, Cantor Tamar Havilio.  

Creating and listening to music in person is vital to all of us; making connections is the essence of making music.  Soon we will be able to enjoy live music again with all of you. We will welcome the day when we can be back together again in the synagogue, savoring our Jewish observances and working together in each other’s presence. 

In the meantime we’d like to play a piece for you, Dabeir Elai Bifrachim, “Speak to me with Flowers.” It’s a lovely tune written in the 1950s by Israeli composer Dov Zeltzer. It’s our favorite of several pieces that Bill has arranged for cello and violin and one that we’ve played for many weddings. We’re grateful that we can play it together in the same room!

Dabeir Elai Bifrachim

Bill and I frequently play in musical theater productions at the Ordway in St. Paul and the Orpheum in Minneapolis, and it’s our special delight to greet fellow Bet Shalomians peeking over the orchestra pit. When we see you at our Minnesota Sinfonia concerts at the Lake Harriet band shell, the Basilica in downtown Minneapolis, Temple Israel, or Temple of Aaron, we feel highly honored by your presence and love to talk with you! Maybe check out our classic rock band Echo, in which I sing and play electric violin, and Bill sings, plays guitar, keyboard and his cool electric cello. You can contact me through Tapestry@BetShalom.org.