Letter from Rabbi Locketz

Israel often is in my heart and in my prayers. Over 900 years ago, the Spanish physician, philosopher and poet Yehudah Halevi wrote, “Libi b’mizrach… my heart is in the East, but here I am so far in the West.” I have been blessed with many opportunities to engage with the Land and the People of Israel, and a significant part of my rabbinate is helping others enjoy those same opportunities. Being “so far in the West” can make it challenging.

Many of you have asked for programs and forums to help you better understand Israel’s history, art and culture, religious landscape, and ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. As we continue to build Bet Shalom’s program, we will be offering many such opportunities.

For Jews in the West, one of the many challenging aspects of Israel to comprehend is Israeli politics. With Israel’s national elections set for April 9, and corruption charges against Netanyahu as the sitting Prime Minister, things are even more complicated. I feel that American Jews need an understanding of Israel’s political scenario to understand many other issues of the day.

This Sunday, we have a unique opportunity to unpack the narrative of current Israeli politics with Shlomo Weinish, a good friend of Bet Shalom who served as Minneapolis Shaliach from 2006-2008. He will lead us in discussion, offering a preview of the coming election and answering our questions.

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am, in the Bet Shalom youth lounge. Please use the Religious School entrance to the building. 

Rabbi David Locketz