Preschool: Stacy’s Update

Our class has had a wonderful last few weeks at Sunday School!  We have been reading and learning about Rosh Hashana. We learned to greet each other and say “Shana Tova.”  We made musical shakers for our Boker Tov circle time song.  

The children learned new creative movement/drama games called “Pass the Noise” and “Freeze and Melt”.  Our class loves listening to music and loves dancing!

We tasted apples and honey and decorated our names using fruit loops.  This past week, we made Rosh Hashana Cards using apple stamps. We also made necklaces with symbols that represent our New Year.  As always, the children enjoy T’filah (services), Shira (music), and Hebrew Through Movement. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the children, and I am looking forward to our many weeks to come!


Morah Stacey (Stacey Edlavitch)