Preschool: Maddie’s Update

Welcome to preschool at Bet Shalom!

I am Miss Maddie and this is my first year teaching religious school, but already I have had so much fun meeting your kiddos. 

During the month of September we worked on lots of fun things. September (or the Jewish months of Elul and Tishri) is Rosh Hashanah time! After the first week of getting to know each other, we started in with books and songs all about the upcoming holiday. 

The class got to play with a real shofar as well as a Rosh Hashanah Shabbat set complete with toy shofar and round wooden challah. 

We talked about how this is the “head of the year” and a time to think about all the good things that happened, and all the sweet things to look forward to! 

Each week we read, It’s Shofar Time, Sound the Shofar, and Today is the Birthday of the World. 

We also crafted “apples” by gluing colored tissue paper onto paper plates. Then everyone made cards for people in their family using markers and fall-color stamp pads!

For our last class before The Days of Awe officially begin, we will have a small seder together and try different sweet foods! 

Starting in October, we will learn about the next holidays: Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah!

Shanah Tovah!