Preschool: Maddie’s Update

Shalom Preschool Families! 

The month of October was filled with many Jewish holidays for learning and having fun. 

After Rosh Hashanah comes Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. In preschool this can look like discussing mistakes we have made, how to say sorry to those we’ve hurt, and deciding on good choices to make in the upcoming year. A big part of the new year is the sound of the shofar. While none of us knew how to make a real shofar blast, everyone was able to take a turn with a fun toy shofar that made a loud and funny noise! We also took a walk to the pond to throw in bread crumbs for tashlich. Each child thought of one thing that they felt sorry for doing or one thing that they were going to do better. Some good ideas were listening to your mom, sharing your toys, and inviting others to play with you!

Right after Yom Kippur, we moved into the week of Sukkot! This is a fun celebration of the harvest after the seriousness of Yom Kippur. Our class started off by playing in, and helping to decorate, the sukkah built in our classroom! Some friends even practiced shaking the toy lulav and etrog in the play sukkah. To help make our little sukkah even more festive, each child glued strips of colorful paper into a chain of loops to hang over the top. 

For our Ivrit lesson, we all got to go upstairs to see Bet Shalom’s sukkah outside!

After Sukkot, we celebrated Simchat Torah! The whole school gathered upstairs to participate in the full unrolling of the Torah and everyone did a great job gently holding their hands underneath, and observing the whole process. 

This last Sunday we joined with Ms. Stacey’s class to learn more about celebrating Shabbat!

I hope all of our families had a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you again on Sunday 🙂