Kindergarten: Jackie’s Update

Hello everyone! I will be using an app called  “Seesaw” as an additional communication tool between home and Sunday School. Most of you have received an invitation through email. However, if you haven’t, please email me at jokey4u2@yahoo.com to let me know. In addition to using the Bet Shalom website, my hope is that you will find Seesaw to be a convenient and useful way of staying connected and informed about your child’s Sunday School experience. I will post pictures and reminders on there at times and encourage you to send me messages as well, whenever you have questions or concerns. You are also welcome to email me if that is easier.

This is what I also posted on seesaw: We had a great first day and it flew by! The kids had a lot to say and already seem fairly comfortable with each other. In Kindergarten, we will focus most on creating meaningful friendships, learning about the Jewish holidays, discussing topics around God, as well as having discussions about mitzvahs.  

Don’t forget to send the brown bag activity back to school next week! The kids are excited to share these. You can also send a water bottle and tzedakah each week. A bag is also helpful for when we have papers or projects to take home. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

See you on Sunday! 

Miss Jackie

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