Hebrew Update: Gayle Kaplan

שלום. Shalom.  We’re very excited about our new Hebrew program.  The goal is for students to have fun while learning Hebrew.  There will be specific times devoted to Hebrew, primarily with Hebrew Through Movement (HTM).  In addition, we plan to incorporate Hebrew into other parts of your students’ time with us, whether during t’filah (prayer), shira (music) or other classroom lessons.

As you know, the major component of the new Hebrew program is HTM – Hebrew Through Movement.  You participated in an example of HTM during Sunday’s assembly (lakoom – “stand up”).  Students will learn Hebrew just as they learned English: hearing Hebrew words, seeing what the words mean, and then doing the actions related to the Hebrew words.  If you’d like to learn more about HTM, their website – https://www.hebrewthroughmovement.org/ – has a ton of information.

There are two other components that we’ll share with you in a weekly update, with the hope that you will incorporate these at home.

One is the Letter of the Week.  While pre-K – 4th grade won’t practice reading, we want them to become familiar with the Hebrew letters.  Each week, teachers willl focus on one letter.  Classroom teachers and students will do something fun with the letter during class.  Maybe their teacher will ask them to lie down in the shape of the letter, draw a picture with the letter, find the letter in different words, or a whole variety of activities.

Another component is what’s called, “Jewish Life Vocabulary”.  Each week, teachers will share with students different Hebrew phrases that they will integrate into their teaching.  Since Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are coming up soon, the first set of phrases will be related to those holidays.

Please click here to see two fliers. One has a picture of President Obama with his fingers on his lips and a shofar (illustrating the sound of the “letter of the week”).

The other shows the first “Jewish Life Vocabulary” phrase, which is  “shanah tovah” (happy new year). We will email you each week, prompting you to check the Hebrew update on the webpage for the following week.  As you can see, we will also include a flyer for the “Letter of the Week” and for the “Jewish LIfe Vocabulary” of the week.

Please feel free to email me at gazelle928@gmail.com if you have any questions.
Shavuah tov – Have a great week.