Anti-Semitism Elective (Kelsey Toetschinger)

Dear Parents,

Students have just started touching base on anti-semitism this month by exploring the concept of stereotypes and prejudice.  Stereotypes develop because people naturally group people, ideas, and things, as well as being generally afraid of the unknown.  Prejudices are culturally transmitted and learned generalizations. To kick off learning about stereotypes, students were asked to think about all the stereotypes they have heard.  They were able to generate quite the list. Then they were shown a variety of photos and asked to make generalizations about them. Upon making the generalizations, they were told that everyone in the photos were Jews.  From African Americans to Indians to Chinese, Jews do not fit into any specific stereotype.  

Throughout this elective, students will learn through photos, stories, videos, and research.  Next month students will work together to conduct a research project. They will be given a variety of anti-semitic events that have taken place throughout history.  Students will work with a partner to gather facts, then present the information to the rest of the class.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Kelsey Toetschinger