8th Grade: Kelsey’s Update

Dear Parents,

The objectives reviewed in this month’s lessons were:

-Name the various forms of assistance provided to Jews by non-Jews during the Holocaust.

-Analyze the motivations of non-Jewish rescuers in their efforts to help Jews survive during the Holocaust.

-Evaluate the moral and ethical choices individuals and groups made when deciding whether or not to help Jews.

-Identify the risks involved when non-Jews helped Jews hide or escape.  

-Describe the obstacles and dangers that hidden children had to overcome in order to have a chance to survive.

-Describe the complex emotional ramifications of liberation for Jews at the end of World War ll.

During the last month of core class, the focus was on the end of the war.  Students listened to stories from survivors and how their families helped provide assistance to Jews or how they received assistance.  They also participated in an activity that made them think about who the victims, perpetrators, and bystanders were in the war. For the last lesson, students needed to think on a very emotional level.  Jews were just told that they were free, but they still had to overcome physical, emotional, and psychological obstacles.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Kelsey Toetschinger