4th Grade: Kelsey’s Update

Dear Parents,

The Explorer’s Bible

This month’s learning objectives were:

-Explain how David came to be king of Judah.

-Describe David’s relationship with Saul and Saul’s children.

-Recount events that demonstrate the strong bonds of friendship between David and Jonathan.

-Recount events leading up to the birth of Solomon.

-Explain why Jerusalem is often called the “City of David.”

-Discuss how the events of this account underscore the need to accept responsibility for our actions.

This month students finished the chapters, “David’s Friends and Foes” and “David Stands Guilty.”  In “David’s Friends and Foes,” students learned about the famous story of David and Goliath. Once David slays Goliath, people want David to become king.  Saul is currently the king and his son Jonathan is next in line. Jonathan is also David’s best friend. Saul is scared and tries to kill David. Jonathan tries talking to his father, but fears that if David sticks around, his father will kill him.  David escapes to the south where he becomes king of Judah. In “David Stands Guilty,” David falls in love with a married woman and they have a child. Trying to cover up his sin, he arranges for the woman’s husband to be murdered. G-D sends the prophet Nathan to David, warning him that his family will suffer.  David repents, but his son still dies. Eventually they have another son named Solomon. 

Jewish Holidays, Jewish Values

This month’s learning goals were:

-Explain the connection between Tu BiShevat and the cycles of growth on earth.

-Examine ways in which our Jewish heritage and texts can teach us lessons today about protecting natural resources.

-Discuss the Jewish value of seeing oneself as a guardian of our natural world. 

-Define the value of bal tashchit as the idea of limiting excess waste and not using materials carelessly.

-Explain how Tu Bishevat reminds us that our actions have consequences.

Students started the Tu Bishevat chapter by thinking about why they are grateful for nature.  Since Tu Bishevat is the birthday of the trees, they were also told to think about all of the things that trees give us.  They continued to learn about Tu Bishevat and Bal Tashchit through games and a seder that included nuts, fruits, and grape juice.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Kelsey Toetschinger