4th Grade: Kelsey’s Update

Dear Parents,

The Explorer’s Bible

This month’s learning objectives were:

  • -Recount the story of Samuel’s birth and Saul’s rise to power.
  • -Explain why Samuel was against the Israelites having a king.
  • -List criteria that can help us decide if we should follow the crowd or create our own path.

This month students focused on the chapter, “Samuel and the King.”  In this chapter, the Israelites complain about wanting a king. Samuel, a great prophet, warns the people about the problems of having a king, but the people persist.  The core concept is about using good judgement to determine if you should follow what others are doing or make your own choice, even if it is unpopular.    

Jewish Holidays, Jewish Values

This month’s learning goals were:

  • -Understand how to light a hanukkiyah, a Hanukkah menorah, and the meaning behind it.
  • -Define gevurah, “courage,” and give examples of ways that people demonstrate this value.
  • -Compare and contrast gevurah in the Hanukkah story with courage in present day life.

Students learned about Hanukkah by discussing the story of the Maccabees.  They learned about how important courage is. Students mainly discussed the courage to stand up for your beliefs and do something different than everyone else, even when it is difficult and scary.  Students also learned that there are really two miracles to the Hanukkah story. The story about the oil lasting eight days and the story about the Maccabees defeating the Syrians when the odds were against them.  Students were split into two teams and had a debate about which story was the real miracle.   

The month is finishing up with a Hanukkah celebration!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Kelsey Toetschinger