4th Grade: Kelsey’s Update

Dear Parents,

The Explorer’s Bible

This month’s learning objectives were:

  • -Describe the source of Samson’s extraordinary strength.
  • -Recount how Samson was robbed of his strength by Delilah.
  • -Explain how, like Samson, we can each make unique contributions to help make the world a better place.
  • -Recount the story of Ruth’s loyalty to her mother-in-law, Naomi.
  • -Suggest ways that we can respectfully give assistance to others in need.
  • -Describe the many ways in which Ruth can serve as a role model for us. 

In “Samson’s Purpose,” Israel is under the rule of the Philistines.  Samson is a Nazirite and is married to a Philistine woman, but they do not get along.  Her father gives her to another man and Samson becomes enraged, destroying Philistines’ fields and killing a thousand Philistines.  Samson marries another Philistine woman who tricks him into revealing the source of his strength. The core concept of this chapter is to think about all of our unique contributions and how they bring completeness to the world.  In Ruth’s Choice, Ruth makes the decision to leave her home and follow her mother-in-law to Israel. Upon introducing the chapter, students were asked if they ever had to move away from their friends, family, and familiar places, and what that felt like.  

Jewish Holidays, Jewish Values

This month’s learning goals were:

  • -Recognize the variety of family traditions that make Shabbat special and help to sanctify it as a day of rest.
  • -Explain ways in which we mark transitions in life and on Shabbat.
  • -Use senses to mark the difference between the holy and the everyday.
  • -Reflect on the idea of holy space and time, and how it leads to a Shabbat atmosphere.

Students continued to learn about Shabbat by learning about the important areas of the sanctuary.  They learned about the bimah, the reader’s desk, the Aron Hakodesh, and the Ner Tamid. Students also participated in a mock Havdalah service with the other fourth grade class.  A braided Havdalah candle was lit and a spice box and kiddush cup were passed around while singing the prayers.  

Thank you!

Kelsey Toetschinger