4th Grade: Julie’s Update

During the month of November on Sundays, our class started to examine the stories in Prophets (Nevi’im), the second part of the Tanach.  Students learned about Joshua leading the Jewish people into the land of Israel, prophetess & judge Devorah helping Barak’s army, and Samson’s strength used to help the Jewish people.  The fourth graders had a special program at the end of November. Both fourth grade classes joined together to teach preschoolers about Shabbat and Hebrew. Each fourth grader had a little buddy in one of the two preschool Sunday classes.  They taught them how to braid challah, read Shabbat books to the younger ones, made Hebrew letters out of Wiki stix, and finally enjoyed their delicious challah after chanting the motzi together. Please see the attached photos.

Wednesdays during the month of November have been all about Shabbat. Students recognized the variety of family traditions to make Shabbat special from the rest of the week, including identifying the main traditions of lighting candles, saying kiddush, motzi, and going to synagogue.  We performed both the Friday night rituals as a class, as well as came together with the other fourth grade class to have a Havdalah service, which occurs when Shabbat ends on Saturday night. It has been beautiful discussing with the students how they can make Shabbat meaningful for themselves.  They are really taking to writing their ideas and holiday reflections in our “Jewish Holidays, Jewish Values” Journals that are kept in the classroom. Please ask your students to share with you on Wednesdays what they may have journaled about that day.

Shavua Tov!