3rd Grade: Heidi’s Update

Hello. It’s been a wonderful past couple of months! In December, we focused on Chanukah. We learned holiday facts, played dreidel, learned the blessings for lighting the chanukiah, and enjoyed a fun, all school Chanukah party. We also continued our exploration through the Torah stories in Genesis. We met Cain and Abel and Abraham and Sarah. The class truly enjoys digging into the stories and finding the value or lesson of the story. At the end of every class, I give a special challenge based on the lesson of the day. An example of a challenge that was given to the students after learning about Abraham was thinking about making choices that are honest, fair, and kind.

In January, from our Explorer’s Bible book, we learned from Abraham that it is important to stand up for what is right and that we all have challenges that help us to better understand our relationship with God, with other people, and with ourselves. We were introduced to Rebecca and learned that we can follow her example practicing everyday manners and kindness. When learning about Esau and Jacob, we discussed the importance of resolving arguments with our family and friends and we started learning about the harmful effects of boastful and jealous behavior from the story of Joseph and his brothers.

Sunday, Jan. 19 was a special day learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and the connection to the Jewish community. On Sunday, Jan.26, it was wonderful talking with the few parents who came to conferences. For those parents who could not make it to conferences, I really enjoy your children! We are having a great year!! In Hebrew, the class has really been enjoying the board games and review games drilling the names and sounds of the Hebrew alphabet. Hebrew Through Movement is a big highlight of every class.

The kids are really learning a lot of Hebrew! This month, our focus is on the holiday of TuBShevat, the birthday of the trees. We will also continue the story of Joseph. I wish everyone a Shabbat Shalom and a restful weekend.