3rd Grade: Heidi’s Update

This month’s focus was all about Shabbat. We learned that lighting candles is a mitzvah, or commandment from God and that Shabbat begins when lighting candles. We also learned the reason why we light 2 or more candles on Shabbat. We studied the blessings for the candles, as well as the challah and juice. Ask your children one interesting fact about why we cover the challah on Shabbat! As an ongoing, month-long project, we created pieces that can be used in your home to both welcome Shabbat and say goodbye to Shabbat for the week. We made a Shabbat placemat, Shabbat candles, a spice ball, and a twisted Havdallah candle. Here is some information and a link for the Shabbat blessings and the Havdalah blessings.

This month we also learned about a prayer that is said upon waking in the morning. We learned that this prayer is a way to say thank you to God first thing in the morning. We also learned other ways how to say thank you in Hebrew and both Rabbi Cohen and Rabbi Crimmings taught us that the word Hodu in Hebrew is part of a word for thank you but also part of the word for turkey! What a coincidence! We are so thankful for many people and many things including our family, friends, and food. Be sure to check out the bulletin board near the RS office. You will see how thankful we are.

In addition to learning about Shabbat and prayers of thanks to God, we learned about the first humans, Adam and Eve, and about the Tower of Babel. Our focus while studying the story of Adam and Eve was about taking responsibility for our own actions. While the story of the Tower of Babel is short, we extended our learning by studying different works of art depicting this story. After learning about the artists and their interpretations of the Tower of Babel, we made our own gallery of art which can be found hanging in our room.

In the month of December, we will focus on Chanukah and continue exploring the Torah stories introducing us to Cain and Abel, and Abraham.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!