3rd Grade: Heidi’s Update

Shabbat Shalom Third Grade Families- 

The month of October has been filled with holiday learning! We started the month learning about the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. We used a Venn diagram to compare Thanksgiving, a harvest festival, with Sukkot, also a harvest festival! We played a lively game of BINGO with facts from Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. We also read 2 very sweet stories about Sukkot in relation to the mitzvah of inviting guests to the sukkah. Our studies of the fall Jewish holiday continued with Simchat Torah. Highlights included learning that the V’ahavta prayer we say during T’fillah is found in the Torah and practiced reading the first line. We also watched a video of a woman scribe who was writing her first Torah. Unrolling the Torah in the social hall gave light to many things we learned in class about writing a Torah. Last Wednesday and Sunday, we created posters listing the top 10 important concepts to remember for each of the Fall Jewish Holidays. Each small group worked together to create a list for their given holiday and then presented their posters. 

Torah studies began last week with the Creation story. Did you know that Tuesday is a lucky day filled with lots of goodness? Each day in the creation story, after listing what was created, God said it was good. On the third day, we find that God said it was good, two times! Tuesday is doubly blessed! We also learned that people were created in God’s image. We had an active discussion about ways the students can contribute to protecting and improving the world and being partners with God. We also talked about B’tzelem Elohim earlier in the month when we completed another lesson structured to strengthen our connection to God. We learned that everyone was created with different strengths. We discussed being thankful for our abilities. On Wednesday, we learned about a prayer that is said in the evening and about one that is said upon waking, thanking God for protecting us when we sleep and also awakening us from our slumbers. 

Next month, we will learn about Shabbat. We will also continue learning about the stories found in the first book of the Torah, Genesis. I look forward to our classes each day we meet. Your children’s inquisitive minds and positive energy for learning is joyful.