Social Groups

Business & Community Leadership Group

The purpose of this group is to strengthen connections among business leaders at Bet Shalom, improve their work as business and community leaders, and to provide members with mentorship opportunities. The format of each monthly session is as follows:

Study of Business Ethics: Torah or Talmud study, which provide participants with a Jewish context for business leadership, led by a member of the Bet Shalom clergy.

Topic for Discussion: The facilitator will lead the full group, or break the large group into small groups, for discussion about a topic related to organizational leadership;

Development of connections and networking: A portion of every meeting will provide members the chance to network with one another, offering referrals and other valuable business connections;

Mentoring: Over time, the process will include a mentoring component, enabling members to connect and explore and address issues specific to their line of business.

Women of Bet Shalom

Sisterhood means: Being part of our temple, our community and an international network of 100,000 Reform Jewish women who make their voices heard and their actions felt;

Meeting and working with other women on programs that benefit the congregation and our community;

Fellowship and friendship, study and social activities, and opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment in a Jewish atmosphere.

For more information, please contact Women of Bet Shalom co-Presidents, Harriette Krasnoff or Jodi Shamblott Jesser.

B’Nai Brith Bowling League

Join us on Sundays at 9:00 AM at Texa Tonka Bowling Lanes in St Louis Park.

Call Ben Smith at 612-926-8774