Climate Justice

Climate change is an enormous and real threat to our species’ ability to continue to exist on this planet. And unfortunately, there will be a great deal of suffering because of climate change. In fact, suffering from climate change has already begun. And while climate change is largely caused by human actions (like the burning of fossil fuels and cutting down of forests), once it gets going at a fast enough pace, it may become unstoppable because of natural feedback loops. For example climate change causes more wildfires and more wildfires cause more climate change. While no single one of us can stop climate change or its injustices on our own, we believe it is imperative that we each try to do our part to stop, or at least slow down, this terrible crime against humanity and try to address its injustices. Some of the people who will suffer most, did very little themselves to cause climate change. We believe that collectively the congregation of Bet Shalom has a role to play in helping address climate change injustices.

Mission Statement

Believing as we do that the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), tzedek (justice), and gemilut chasadim (performing deeds of loving kindness) obligate us to act for climate justice; the goals of the Bet Shalom Climate Justice Steering Committee are to:

   –be a catalyst for systemic change towards a more just and sustainable climate future;
  –inspire and mobilize the congregation to become a climate justice leader in our community; 
  –provide information and opportunities to help individual congregants, the congregation as a whole, and others be part of the practical solutions to the challenges caused by climate change; 
  –build relationships with other religious and secular environmental and justice leaders;
  –help Bet Shalom be a steward for the spiritual and communal support needs of the congregation on climate matters; and 
  –transform Bet Shalom into an ethical light in the darkness against climate injustice, on behalf of all people and other planetary life (whether now living or living in the future) at risk of being harmed by climate change.

How to Get Involved With this Committee

If you are interested in getting involved with this committee, or if you have any questions, please contact socialactionchair@betshalom.org or steve.barberio@betshalom.org.

Additional Resources and Information

Our committee is connecting with other Minnesota communities of faith to address climate change via the non-profit organization Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light, as well as through more informal connections with other communities of faith in the Twin Cities’ metro area.

How You Can Help Protect Our Climate

Vote on Climate
Get Involved with Climate Justice Non-Profits
Speak up for Climate Justice
Join a Climate Protest
Influence Your Organizations to Help them Become More Sustainable
Travel Less using Fossil Fuels
Seek Out Non-Fossil Fuel Sources of Energy
Use Energy More Efficiently
Eat Less Meat
Consume Less, Share More
Track your Personal Impact
Divest from Climate Harming Investments