From its very beginning, we have encouraged our members to become actively involved in the life of the congregation. Whether serving on the Board of Trustees, a committee, or participating in ongoing activities that serve the congregation, individuals and families can become involved in many different ways.

Standing Committees

As required by the bylaws, these committees are vital governing bodies that serve the Board of Trustees:

Executive Committee: Made up of the officers and other senior leadership, providing direction to the board and congregation as a whole.

Finance Committee: Charged with developing the annual budget, overseeing the internal financial controls, and providing oversight of the fiduciary operations of Bet Shalom, the Finance Committee is led by the Board Treasurer and supported by the Executive Director

Board Advisory Teams

Generally considered Ad Hoc, these teams serve very specific and targeted purposes that assist the Board of Trustees in its effort to effectively govern Bet Shalom as a nonprofit corporation.

Nominating: Convening in the second half of the fiscal year, this group of individuals, appointed by the President, is responsible for making sure that the Board is sufficiently constituted with trustees and officers.

Strategic Planning: This group is made up of Board members, members of the senior staff, and other congregants and is charged with overseeing a three to five year planning process.

Leadership Search: When there is a vacancy in the senior staff (rabbis, cantor, executive director), an ad hoc committee is appointed by the President of the Board.

Building & Grounds: On an as-needed basis, the Executive Director and Board President will call together a group of members who serve as advisors that can help ensure that the Bet Shalom building and grounds are effectively managed and maintained.

Staff Advisory Committees

As we have grown, the senior leadership team of the Clergy and Executive Director and staff manage the day-to-day operations of the congregation and the Staff Advisory Committees provide feedback, counsel, and advice about specific areas of the synagogue:

Ritual Forum: This is a group that meets with the Senior Rabbi to discuss matters related to services, ritual and other religious observances conducted by the synagogue. It serves as a laboratory, of sorts, as he and the other clergy consider ways to best meet the needs of the congregation.

Youth Engagement Committee: Made up of three subcommittees–Youth Education, Early Childhood Education, and Youth Social Engagement–this committee plays a critical role in supporting the Associate Rabbi in her oversight of all youth activities at Bet Shalom.

Marketing & Communications Committee: This group of marketing and communications experts offers advice and feedback to the Executive Director and Communications Coordinator about internal and external strategies for keeping the membership and community informed about the work of Bet Shalom.

Development Committee: A new committee at Bet Shalom, this committee will launch in the winter of 2018 as a group of leaders who will support all fundraising activities at Bet Shalom.

Member Engagement Groups

In its earlier days, these groups were called committees, but as the congregation has emerged, it’s become clear that these groups are best defined as engagement opportunities for our membership, not as committees that provide advice to the Board or Staff or as governing arms of the Board of Trustees:

Caring Community: Supporting members in times of need.

Ushers: Assisting members during services.

Kitchen Community: Building community through cooking.

Social Action Committee: The Social Action Committee develops programs that address homelessness, domestic gun violence, racial/social disparities, climate change, and food insecurity.  In addition, the Social Action Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees about policies related to these areas.

Board Engagement Task Force: Offering avenues for engagement for new members.

Landscaping: Providing activities for members to help on the grounds of Bet Shalom.

Book Club:  The Bet Shalom Book Club reads a diverse range of texts, from novels to non-fiction. CLICK HERE for list of books read as of June 2019.